Ray Island Walk

On Wednesday 19th July a small group of MIS members took part in a walk to Ray Island from the Stood.

David Nichols,Warden of Ray Island, lead the walk, which was interspersed with information on flora and fauna; details of historical formation on the land used for fortification; evidence of early farming and other fascinating facts.

David was a wonderful guide and had an incredible wealth of local knowledge and we wish to thank him for this walk which was truly memorable.

Everyone really enjoyed this outing; if any member would like to be included in next years walk, please contact Marica Frost (details in Mistral).

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STOP350: Legal representation on behalf of objectors

STOP350 is instructing legal representation on behalf of the objectors to the Mersea part of the Colchester Borough Council Local Plan (2017-2033) to be heard before the Government-appointed Inspector in early 2018.  We therefore advise you to support STOP350 and are publishing both sides of their leaflet for your information and to act on.  Please do so as soon as possible and before 8 August 2017.

Please also see their website   www.stop350.org.uk

NB  this does not stop you making your own objections to CBC to this latest revamp of the Local Plan, by 8 AUGUST.

You received a MIS leaflet included in your 2017 copy of Mistral which gave the postal and email addresses of the Borough Planning department.

Sarah Shehadeh, on behalf of the MIS Committee.


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Our Garden Afternoon Tea Party on 14 June 2017 was a great success. The weather was superb, as was the food and entertainment. Grateful thanks go to Barry Turner, Claus Ohmke and Roger Mullis for all their hard work putting up the marquee, kindly lent by Claus, the sales tent and all the tables and chairs and afterwards taking them down again and returning them to their rightful owners.


The ladies on the catering front, Marcia Frost and Lynne Hartley, ably assisted by Vivienne Ohmke, provided and served a wonderful selection of teatime treats including strawberries and cream. Marica accompanied herself on the ukele singing “The Rose” and a celtic song. Claus conducted an un-do-able quiz, although one table managed to answer enough questions to win. All round a most enjoyable “do”


Colchester Borough Council to present the Local Plan on Monday, 12 June

Monday  12 June  6pmColchester Town Hall.

Colchester Borough Council to present the Borough Plan.

Colchester Borough Council have postponed the scheduled Local Plan Meeting to  Monday 12  June 2017 at 6 pm at Colchester Town Hall.  Anyone wishing to speak briefly at the meeting should be there by 5.30 pm in order to give their name to the Clerk of the Committee.

Apparently Colchester Borough Council do not wish to discuss the proposed Local Plan during the run up to the General Election.

We need as many people as possible to attend to show continued interest in our future development.

Now that Middlewick Ranges are to be included (which was not the case in the original draft) there is a danger that Mersea’s objections to overdevelopment on the Island will be overlooked.

Also, future congestion and overloading of the Mersea road needs to be considered in the light of Middlewick Ranges.

The public are entitled to speak so if you want to do so please be there by 5.30pm to give your name in to the clerk of the meeting.

Any queries, please call Sarah on 383326.


img_20160927_0001The first of the Society’s autumn lectures will take place at Mersea Museum on Tuesday 4th October 2016, starting at 7.30 p.m.  when Martin Clarke will be talking about heraldry.

All are welcome (members and non-members alike): the admission fee is £2 and light refreshments will be provided.

The AGM and a talk by Sue Howlett on Mersea in Tudor Times will follow on Tuesday 1st November.

The Society’s submission on the Colchester Borough Council Local Plan 2017-2032 for Mersea Island

The Society has submitted an objection letter to Colchester Borough Council worded as follows:

I am submitting these comments on behalf of the Mersea Island Society which represents a membership of 500 residents.

The Society objects to the proposals for erection of 350 new homes for the following reasons :-

  • Section 6-217 of the plan states “there are approx. 3200 homes at present and the preferred sites could deliver an additional 350 houses, a level that reflects the availability of existing facilities and services.”
  • However figures obtained recently from Colchester BC tax department show that the actual number of dwellings at 3580 is already in excess of the proposed sustainable levels.  This confirms the planned capacity has been reached already and that there are insufficient services and infrastructure available to support additional housing, equating at reasonable estimate to 1000 residents and 500 cars. General observation and experience on the Island makes this evident anyway.

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